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A Brief History about Medicine Man

“It's just one song.”

Herm, Hawkeye, and Voja came together as three-fifths of the Stacey Garretson Band rhythm section. At the end of that project, they had gone their separate ways. Hawkeye was contacted to perform a song at a prestigious private event. He reached out to the other two for help and naturally they said yes.

They got together just once beforehand to work out the keys, play a few songs, and have a few laughs. The next evening... magic happened. In front of a standing room only crowd, they performed three songs and Medicine Man was serendipitously born. The audience loved them, and more importantly, they found that they truly loved playing together. 

And so they continued to casually come together once a week, learning a few tunes, playing a few open mic nights "just for fun", and thoroughly enjoying the musical vibe they were developing.

Well, people started to talk about Medicine Man and their unique take on acoustic performance. Those little “get-togethers” turned into serious rehearsals. The song list turned into musical segments that turned into shows.

Medicine Man is not your typical acoustic cover band. The material is different. Their act is fresh. It's almost like having them in your living room playing just for you.

Medicine Man's message is a simple one: Make everybody feel good via specifically chosen and tailored material, spectacular musicianship, and heartfelt vocals, always with the audience in mind.

The response on this, their inaugural and aptly named “Unplugged and Unhinged” Tour has been nothing short of phenomenal.


Now it's your turn.

Medicine Man is your Primary Care Music Provider.




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Medicine Man brings the music we grew up with back to life in a unique acoustic ambiance.”

— Ken Voss, Founder Illinois Entertainer

Medicine Man is a unique blend of the world, the spirit, the deep soul, and sonic airwaves of many flavors and colors. There is only one Medicine Man and it promises to be a cure for any music lover who's looking for a new adventure. ”

— Alain Quinn - Recording artist - Actress

Get your dose of Medicine Man – You'll feel better. I got mine. ”

— Edward Gunther ~ Keyboards & Vocals for Utah

Medicine Man brings to the stage three very talented musicians who clearly enjoy what they are doing. The way they perform together shows their enormous talent as well as their fun personalities and friendship with each other. Seeing them is like getting together with a happy family for some feel-good time. ”

— Sandy Simon ~ Socialite

Medicine Man is what happens when top shelf musicians get together to just enjoy playing. It's infectious and the audience always joins in the fun. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. ”

— Jeff Bachemin ~ Recording Artist

When you see a Medicine Man show, you leave feeling you have gotten to know three new friends. ”

— Jim Nudd ~ Audio Arts and Acoustics Dept. Columbia College Chicago



Vocals ~ Guitar ~ El Cajon ~ Percussion ~ Hair 

Hawkeye is a believer in the power of music. A classically trained percussionist, he spent most of his youth traveling and honing his drumming skills for the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Willie Nelson, and Jerry Lewis. He was the drum tech for Buddy Rich. Then he traveled to Vegas to play with many of the top show bands. 
Medicine Man is a first for him. He has stepped from the behind the drum kit to bring his years of experience with some of the top performers in the world to fruition. On a nightly basis.... he brings it all with his powerful and unique vocal interpretations and stage presence. 



Guitar ~ Vocals ~ Harmonica ~ International Spy 

Voja has roots that run very deep... constantly working to perfect his craft. From the sounds of JJ Cale to the stylings of Jeff Beck to the Sweet perfection of James Taylor, Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, he brings a different twist to the music. A fine songwriter in his own right, you can catch him, when he's not playing with Medicine Man, with his own Blues/Jazz/Fusion Quartet; Black Jack Blue. 




 Guitar ~ Violin ~ Vocals ~ Cajon ~ Kazoo

Herm is a Classically Trained Violinist that decided that Guitar was his ticket to playing Rock & Roll. An extremely talented multi-instrumentalisthis recording, and live credits are too long to mention. But  Ronnie Montrose, and Chris Jagger... kinda come to mind. In Medicine Man, he is a force that needs to be seen and heard.



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